My Circumcision Bookmarks

Circumcision - General

If I can only show someone one link to open their mind to questioning circumcision, this is it. (Pics, but not exceptionally graphic)

My Body, My Choice: Ban Non-Consensual Circumcision - Matthew Taylor
Child Circumcision: An Elephant in the Hospital - GREAT Video! (not graphic)
The WHOLE Network's Library

Circumcision - Complications
Consequences of Circumcision - The WHOLE Network
Complications of Circumcision - Circumstitions
New Study Estimates Neonatal Circumcision Death Rate Higher Than Suffocation and Auto Accidents - Examiner
Circumcision's Complications: What Could Go Wrong? - Examiner
Lost Boys: An Estimate of U.S. Circumcision-Related Infant Deaths - Men's Studies Press

Circumcision - Myths
Routine Toe Removal Has Health Benefits (a satire applying common pro-circ arguments to toes)
Where Circumcision Doesn't Prevent HIV - The WHOLE Network
Research Circumcision - Myths - The WHOLE Network
5 Reasons Parents Give for Choosing Circumcision, and Why Those Reasons are Not Valid - Informed Parenting

Circumcision - The Surgery

If you're going to have an elective procedure preformed on your child then you should be able to watch a video of that procedure being preformed. 

Videos - The WHOLE Network
Video - YouTube
One Baby's Experience

Circumcision - Your Boy will be a Man
The Vulnerability of Men
Men Do
Circumcised and Hated It - Celebrities who wish their parents had given them the choice
Class Action Lawsuit: Circumcised Men Sue and Win!

Circumcision - General Religion
Quick Links from Guggy Daly
Religious Reasons for Circumcision Could Breach Human Rights - Peaceful Parenting
Circumcision and Religion - Guggy Daly
The WHOLE Network's Circumcision + Religion Articles

Circumcision - Christianity
Biblical Circumcision Information - Peaceful Parenting
What the Bible Really Says about Routine Infant Circumcision 
Circumcision and Christianity - Peaceful Parenting
Circumcision & Christianity - Peaceful Parenting
Christians: Baptism, not Circumcision - Peaceful Parenting
Christianity & Circumcision Resources - Peaceful Parenting
Circumcision and the Christian Parent
Facebook Page: Christians Must Not Circumcise
Facebook Page: Whole Christian Network

Circumcision - Catholicism
(I know it's also Christianity but these links are Catholic-specific)
Catholic Thoughts on a Whole Body and Bodily Integrity - Guggy Daly
Catholics and Circumcision... Do You Know Your Faith? - Guggy Daly
Catholics Against Circumcision .org
Facebook Page: Catholics Against Circumcision

Circumcision - Judaism
Jews Against Circumcision .org
Jewish Circumcision Resource Center
Judaism & Circumcision Resources - Peaceful Parenting
Jewish Intactivism: Circumcision Resources - Guggy Daly
Circumcision Decision: Lyons family opts not to have procedure on son
The Torah Against Genital Mutilation - Guggy Daly
CUT: The Film
Jewish Father's Letter to His Son- Peaceful Parenting
My Son: The Little Jew with a Foreskin - Mothering

Circumcision - Islam
Quran .org
Circumcision - Does the Qur'an Approve It?

Intact Care
What is the Greatest Danger for an Uncircumcised Boy? - Psychology Today

Circumcision - MGM vs FGM
Classification of Female Genital Mutilation - World Health Organization
Would You Circumcise your Daughter? - Woman, Uncensored
Video: The Difference Between Male and Female Circumcision (NOT graphic)

Circumcision Profit
Where do all the Foreskins Go?

Lists of Reasons to not Circumcise
20 Reasons from Sagacious Mama
11 Reasons by Cate Nelson